March 31, 2017 – The Nebraska Legislature debated LB75 on general file today.  LB75 seeks to eliminate the 2-year waiting for returning citizens to exercise their right to vote after discharging their felony sentence.  If passed, LB75 would restore the right to vote upon discharge.

With very limited debate, LB75 advanced to the next round (select file) of voting.  The tally of votes cast were: 28 Yes, 8 No and 10 present but not voting.  It was over and done quickly.  LB75 must survive 2 more rounds of voting (25 votes needed per round to advance).   If it survives to the 3rd round of voting (final reading) it could face possible veto from Governor Pete Ricketts.  It will take 30 votes to override a veto from the governor.

LB75 had a very strong showing.  There are 18 votes i..e., the 8 no and 10 not voting, that can possible added to the 28 yes votes to make LB75 veto proof.  J15!  See how the Nebraska Senators voted on Friday: