MARCH 31, 2017 – The Nebraska Legislature on Friday had first round (general file) debate on LB75.  28 Yes, 8 No and 10 Not voting was the outcome.  Two votes short of being veto-proof, LB75 will need other votes if Governor Pete Ricketts decides to veto the bill.

In 2005, then LB53 (which is Nebraska’s current law requiring a two-year waiting period for returning citizens to exercise their right vote after parole or discharge form the felony sentence) was vetoed by then Governor Dave Heineman.  The veto was short live and quickly overrode by a Legislature vote of 36 Yes, 11 No.  History may repeat itself some 12 years later.

See a Unicameral article on LB75 and how the Nebraska Senators voted on LB75 in the links below.