March 9, 2017 – All priority bills were designated in the Nebraska Legislature.  Each of the 49 state senators get to designate one priority bill during the session.  A priority bill, as the name suggests, is given priority over other bills that aren’t a priority.  A priority bill can scheduled for floor debates faster than other none priority bills.  Newly elected State Senator Justin Wayne, District 13, took the bold step of designating LB 75 as his first priority as a senator.  LB 75 seeks to eliminate the 2-year waiting period that returning citizens must wait after parole or discharging their felony sentence to exercise their right to  vote.

LB 75 has been placed on general file or 1st round of floor debates.  It will have to survive  3 rounds of voting and needing 25 votes per round to advance.  LB 75 has very long way to go to become a new law, but it’s needed.