APRIL 10, 2017 – The Nebraska Legislature advanced LB75 to final reading (3rd round).  LB75, if passed, would eliminate the 2-year waiting period for returning citizens to gain voting eligibility after the completion of probation, parole or discharging a felony sentence.

LB75 must survive final reading with at least 25 votes.  LB75 would then go to Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts to be signed into law.  Governor Ricketts has indicated that he’d veto LB75 if the Legislature passes it.  It will require 30 votes from the Legislature to override a seemingly imminent veto by the governor.  Here’s how the voting for LB75 has gone through the prior two rounds of voting:  http://nebraskalegislature.gov/bills/view_all_votes.php?DocumentID=30782