This is written to request your assistance to help disenfranchised Nebraska citizens.  Who are they?  They represent every demographic, black, white, young, old, veterans, etc… some are your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

I am one of 17,000+ Nebraska citizens that are barred from voting for 2-years after the completion of my felony sentence.  My sentence has been completely served. I’m not on parole nor under any supervision in connection with my former sentence, my sentence is final – done.  Last year there were 7,000 Nebraskan citizens  prohibited from voting in connection with Nebraska law (2-year waiting period to vote after parole or discharging a felony sentence).  About 40% of the total number of disenfranchised Nebraska citizens are like me i.e., have completed their sentence.

There are numerous reasons why the current is untenable and stirs up archaic practices akin to Jim Crow, literacy tests and poll taxes.  I’ll cite two reasons, reentry and taxes.  If chances are important they need to be adequately facilitated.  Reentry issues are important because they reintegrated a person back into society – that should happen immediately not after 2-years.  After obtaining employment and housing, voting is the next most important civic exercise that puts all citizens on an equal footing.

I’m taxes at the same rate as every other citizen.  My former felony sentence doesn’t exempt from being taxed nor provide me with a rebate at the end the year.  I’m taxed and unrepresented (taxation without presentation) because I’m barred from voting.  I possess no participation in how my taxes are utilized.  This is contrary to principles that began this country.  If I’m paying taxes like every other citizen I should be voting like them too.

What can you do to assistance your fellow disenfranchised Nebraskans?  You can support LB 75 (the elimination of the 2-year waiting period to vote after completion of a felony sentence).   Please write, call, email or visit your senator requesting that they vote for LB 75.