Getting returned citizens registered to vote is crucial.  If you’re 2 years after completing (discharge) your felony sentence, including probation and or parole, you are eligible to get registered to vote in Nebraska .  Registration can be done via various methods, (1) At the DMV, (2) Election Commission, (3) Via mail or online at  or (4)  at voter registration drives in your community.  More community and or organizational efforts are needed in the time remaining to get returned citizens registered to vote.

    Current Nebraska law (R.R.S. § 29-113) bifurcate returning citizens into two groups – those that can vote after two years and those that can’t.  This makes no sense.  Upon completion (discharge) of a felony sentence a person should be able to vote immediately.  This should be the ultimate goal.

    You don’t lose your citizenship upon incarceration..  Both Maine and Vermont allow people to vote while incarcerated in prison.  Maine and Vermont shouldn’t be more progressive on voting rights for current and former incarcerated people than any other state.  So, yes, register to vote if you qualify and vote.  If you can’t  vote yet because you’re pending the two-year waiting period to expire – join the #J15 Initiative to change the law.