That is the title of Desmond Meade’s book, if you have not read it, please do. After meeting and listening to Desmond’s keynote speech I’m more inspired by voting restoration rights in Nebraska.

Currently there are two efforts underway, LB2O (J. Wayne) which would eliminate the 2-year waiting period only for those returned citizens that have discharge their sentence (citizens serving parole and or probation sentences would remain diaenfranchised). LB20 has been advanced out of committee and placed on general file. Please contact Nebraska Senators and encourage their votes to pass LB20.

LR4CA (M. Cavanuagh) would simply eliminate all voting barriers for every citizen. Like the Maine and Vermont models, every citizen is allowef to vote. LR4CA takes the right and sensible approach. Please contact the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee members and request that LR4CA be voted out of committee.